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| Last Updated::06/03/2017

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World Environment Day-2016

World Environment Day-2016


World environment day is also known as the Environment Day, Eco Day or short form WED. It has been one of the great annual events for years which is being celebrated worldwide by the people aiming to protect the unique and life nurturing Nature on every 5th June.


What was Special on World Environment Day 2016


As per the media, world environment day 2016 is celebrated by focusing on most important point of environmental issue. This year’s theme of world environment day celebration is “fight against the illegal trade in wildlife for life” (zero tolerance for the illegal trade in wildlife) focusing on save the life of wild animals like elephants, rhinos, gorillas, whales, sea turtles, orangutans, pangolins, rosewoods, helmeted hornbills, tigers including other species. This year’s slogan is “Go Wild for Life” to raise the voice against wildlife crime and damages caused by it and take actions to prevent it.

The most important purpose of this year celebration is to take strong actions to restrict illegal trade of wildlife which is putting the biodiversity of this planet into danger. The host country of this event in 2016 was Angola which has organized its celebration regarding safeguard the environment. This year’s theme is the message aimed to eradicate all bad practices of illegal trade in wildlife.


Celebration at CSIR-IITR Envis Centre


CSIR-IITR Envis Centre has celebrated World Environment Day on 5 June 2016 More than 30 students from different schools participated in this competition. Winners of the competitions were given 1st, 2nd and 3rd and consolation prizes. All the participants were given the participation certificates. Morning Snacks and Lunch were provided by the Institute for the participants and their parents.


Winning paitings are