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| Last Updated:: 18/02/2016

Facts on chemicals


  • Best way to handle a household cleaner is to:        

      Read the label

  • Indication that you should stop using a chemical:       

      Feel dizziness,nauseated and develop a headache.

  • Carcinogen:

      A substance or agent causing cancer.

  • Lachrymator:

      A compound causing tearing of the eyes.

  • Dangerous Household Chemicals:

           Rat poison

           Laundry detergent

           Drain cleaners



           Motor oil



           Oven cleaner

  • To buy a household product label wording is the safest:
  •   No signal words at all  (product does not contain hazardous chemicals).

  • Best way to store hazardous chemicals in the home:

         Read the labels to see how to dispose of each.

  • Learning disabilities and hyperactivity is found in children due to:

         Toxic chemicals found in our homes and schools.

  • Teratogen:
  •   A compound causing fetal damage.


  • The chemical reaction: 2 H2 + O2 → 2 H2O is a:
  •   Decomposition reaction.