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| Last Updated:: 28/07/2016

Dead fish 'wake up' officials

Dead fish 'wake up' officials
TNN | 
Indore: A day after thousands of dead fish were found on the banks of Kshipra river, government departments swung into action and water samples were collected from different ghats to investigate the cause of death and measure the pollution levels in water.

Fish continued to die even on the second day and large number of dead fishes was seen floating at Gau Ghat, Triveni Ghat, Narsingh Ghat and Ram Ghat. On Friday, officials of the pollution control board reached the spot and took water samples from different places.

According to government officials, decreased level of dissolved oxygen (DO) in the river due to silting and mixing of drainage water after monsoon rains led to the death of fish.

Madhya Pradesh Pollution Control Board (MPPCB) regional officer PK Trivedi said, "We have taken water samples and the investigation is on. A sudden decrease in DO in water could have led to the death of the fish."

According to sources from regional pollution control board, DO in Khsipra river on Thursday was as lower as 2.3 milligrams per litre as against required 4 milligrams per litre.

Deputy director, fisheries, M K Pathrolia said, "Fish are very sensitive and find it difficult to adjust to sudden change in oxygen and temperature levels."

Dr Ravindra Shrivastav, RMO, District Hospital Ujjain said, "Eating these fish may lead to vomiting, dehydration and loose motion as they have died of water contamination but any adverse effect on human organs is unlikely."