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| Last Updated:: 04/06/2014


Q. What is the role of ENVIS centre in IITR?

Distributed information centre on Toxic chemicals was established at Indian Institute of Toxicology Research in January 1984 relating to toxic chemicals. ENVIS Centre at IITR, in association with the Ministry of Environment & Forests, Government of India, New Delhi and other ENVIS Centers, builds up a repository of information relating to toxic chemicals and its dissemination. It prepares detailed toxicity profiles of chemicals relevant to the country maintenance of a toxicological information base and builds up of storage, retrieval and dissemination capabilities

Q. Can I search a full document on arsenic?

Yes, go to the Bibliography section , type arsenic in search box and then click submit. Where you will find Bibliography Search Result on Arsenic.


Q. Does ENVIS handle all environmental concerns?

We handle all those concerns which are generated due to toxic chemicals, mainly its adverse effects on environment and humans.


Q. Can I be a subscriber for newsletter? If yes what are the year wise charges?

You can download newsletter from our website. If you required in a printed form, write a request to following address:

Shailendra Kumar Gupta

Scientist in charge,

ENVIS Centre

Indian Institute of Toxicology Research

Post Box # 80,

Mahatma Gandhi Marg,

Lucknow- 226 001,


Phone:+91-522-2284 591, Fax: +91-522-2628 227


Q. How can I download the newsletters,abstracts or pdf files?

To download pdf files you have to register (make account) with our website then after that you can download all the newsletters ,abstracts or pdf files.


Q. Does ENVIS centre provide any training programme on collection, retrieval & compilation of environmental information?

 Yes, we are arranging training programme time to time and uploading in our website.


Q. Does ENVIS centre conduct any awareness programme?

Yes, ENVIS Centre at IITR conduct student awareness programme every year like painting and easy competition relating to environmental issues.Also we design pamphlets like how to save water and effects of noise pollution in the environment and distribute the pamphlets among school children for creating awareness among them.