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| Last Updated:: 06/01/2016

CSIR-IITR Objectives




"Safety to Environment and Health and Service to industry"




From laboratory to field for societal benefit by contributing in niche areas of toxicology.




CSIR-IITR, a leader in toxicology research, endeavours to mitigate problems of human health and environment. The institute aims to accomplish its goals through the following objectives:


  • Safety evaluation of chemicals used in industry, agriculture and everyday life.
  • Mode of action of toxic chemicals/pollutants.
  • Remedial/preventive measures to safeguard health and environment from pollutants.
  • Occupational health hazards due to exposure in chemicals industries, mines, agricultural fields and environment.
  • Simple/rapid diagnostic tests for disorders caused by industrial and environmental chemicals
  • Collect, store and disseminate information on toxic chemicals.
  • Human resource development for dealing with industrial and environmental problems.
  • Provide a platform to public and entrepreneurs to address queries and concerns regarding safety/toxicity of chemicals, additives and products